Fingerprint Submission - Out-of-State Applicants

All Out of State certified shorthand reporter applicants must submit TWO (2) completed fingerprint cards with their application. "Completed" means that the prints are legible and have been fully rolled. YOUR APPLICATION WILL BE REJECTED IF (1) THE CARD IS NOT ENCLOSED WITH YOUR APPLICATION, (2) THE CARD IS NOT THE TYPE PROVIDED BY THE CRB, CONTAINING CRB'S NAME AND ADDRESS, (3) THE CARD IS NOT PROPERLY COMPLETED, OR (4) THE PROCESSING FEE IS NOT SUBMITTED.

Fingerprints MUST be taken at a law enforcement agency within your state of residence. Prints which are not properly rolled will be rejected, and you will have to submit a new set of prints, which will substantially delay the issuance of a license if you are successful on the exams. VERY IMPORTANT: Please be sure that the fingerprints are legible. If they are smudged or blurred, the Department of Justice (DOJ) will reject them. The cost of processing the fingerprint cards through the DOJ and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is currently $49.00. Submit the application fee, exam fees, and fingerprint processing fee all in ONE check or money order. Rejection of fingerprint cards would require an applicant to resubmit another 2 sets of cards for an additional processing cost of $49.00.

Although qualified applicants will be allowed to take the licensure examination(s) and receive their results pending fingerprint clearance, a license will NOT be issued until it has been determined that the applicant has no criminal record, or that his or her criminal record does not pose a potential threat to the public. If you have a criminal record, do not call the CRB in advance about whether it will affect your ability to obtain a license. Each situation is different and the CRB must obtain arrest and court documents before making a decision.

Applicants must report any convictions or pleas of nolo contendere, even if the conviction has been expunged or dismissed under the provisions of Section 1203.4 of the Penal Code. Making a false statement on an application regarding a past conviction is cause for denial of a license, regardless of the nature of the crime or how long ago it occurred.


Out of State Applicants Only

All information must be completed (printed or typed)in BLACK INK.

Your last name, first name, middle name

Signature of Person Fingerprinted
Your signature

Residence of Person Fingerprinted
Your residence address

Month-Day-Year you were fingerprinted

Signature of Official Taking Fingerprint
Signature of person who rolled your fingerprints

Any aliases, including maiden names, used in the past

Date of Birth by month-day-year.
Example: May 10, 1962 would be entered 5-10-62

Your sex, M=Male, F=Female

Your height in feet and inches using a 3 digit code Example: 5 feet 9 inches would be entered as 509

Your weight, in pounds

Your eye color. BLK=Black BLU=Blue BRO=Brown GRY=Gray GRN=Green HAZ=Hazel MAR=Maroon PNK=Pink MUL=Multicolor

Your hair color. BLK=Black BLU=Blue BRO=Brown GRY=Gray RED=Red SDY=Sandy WHI=White BAL=Bald

Your State of birth, if born in the United States; your Country of birth if born outside the United States

Your Social Security Number

Fill in all of the boxes indicated above; do NOT fill in any other boxes.