Online Skills Exam Steps

  1. Apply for the CSR Skills Exam.
    The examination application and fee must be submitted directly to the Court Reporters Board (CRBC).  After the CRBC receives and processes all examination applications, a confirmation email will be sent to the candidates from Realtime Coach with scheduling information for your skills exam. Please remember to wait until you receive this confirmation to schedule your exam. You must schedule all tests 72 hours in advance (based on proctor availability).
  2. Read/review the following required testing information.
  3. Practice the testing process.
  4. Schedule and complete two free proctored practice exams.
    We strongly encourage candidates to take the two proctored practice exams. The proctored practice exams ensures that your computer and equipment meet the technology requirements in the true testing environment and that you are familiar with the online testing process. (Make sure to listen to ALL 15 minutes of the practice file to ensure it doesn't pause/skip due to buffering.) Candidates are unable to schedule the second proctored practice exam until the first one is completed.
  5. Schedule and complete your actual exam.

    Candidates are able to schedule the actual exam prior to scheduling to take the proctored practice exam.

    PLEASE NOTE: Because the 15-minute dictation file is LARGE, it is imperative to ensure you have adequate bandwidth so you don't run into problems with buffering.

EXAM DATES:  March 1 – 22, 2023
FINAL FILING DATE: January 30, 2023
MUST BE U.S. POSTMARKED (No exceptions)

Candidates will be automatically disqualified and the exam considered a failure for the following reasons:

  1. Exam subversion (cheating).
    Exam subversion of any type is a misdemeanor pursuant to Business and Professions Code section 123.  The candidate will sign an affidavit agreeing not to save the file in any format or location, nor share the content in any manner. Candidates that share the exam or notes with anyone outside of the Board or RTC may be subject to criminal prosecution and/or prohibition of taking future exams.
  2. Communication with anyone other than a proctor.
  3. There is a breach of the confined space in which the candidate is in by any other person.
  4. Outside person enters testing area.